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Foodie Love

There are foodies abound! Some who are proud to say it, while others are still hiding in the pantry. This blog is dedicated to both the out and proud foodie, as well as the closeted foodie. 


Foodies are impassioned people who think of food on a whole different level. It is about creativity, flavors, texture. It is about how food makes you feel and how you feel it makes other people feel when people eat your food.


Foodies are born not made. You cannot make someone into a foodie. It is almost instinctual. It is an undying passion. For some, it is a spiritual life long journey. All these things are what make up the epicurean’s way of life.


My name is Doctor Dennis Liotta. I am a physician, husband, father, self-proclaimed home chef and die-hard foodie. With this food blog, I hope to bring a few sparks and fan the flames to food, food information, food culture, places to eat, gadgets and gizmos to enhance the foodie in you.

What you will not find on this site are a slew of recipes. You will see a lot about ingredients used in a dish over a recipe. Recipes that do appear will be those necessary to abide by a recipe in order to make it.


Why am I doing it this way? Have you ever seen the show "Chopped" on the Food Network? Notice how those competing chefs can whip up a meal without using a recipe. Well, that is exactly what I want you to do. Whip up dishes and complete meals with using a recipe. Essentially, I am looking for you to explore your inner epicurion.


It is time to expand your horizons and not think about food in terms of a series of cups, tablespoons and ounces. You need to transend the recipe and look beyond the book. I want you to do what I do and create your own culinary works of art. 


What you will find are techniques and secrets of restaurant chefs by going to the FRS Cooking School. There you will things will find the education you need to help you define your creativity without relying on a recipe. after going through these lessons you will be about to recreate a dish without the need of a recipe. Now, is that now the way you always wanted to cook?

I want to hear from you. Please send me any question you may have or comments or any suggestions. I am always open to hear suggestions.

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Dennis B. Liotta, MD, MBA


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