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It is all about the food and not about the recipe. Recipes come and go, but they are one trick wonders. Having a library of recipes does not make you a cook. What it really says is that you can follow directions. You are much more than a person for takes direction. You are person that also can give direction once you are a trained to do so.


The FoodieRoadShow Cooking School is a free school that will teach you the techniques and secrets of trained chefs that will turn you into a real home cook. You will gain the skills necessary to go sans recipe and make a fabulous meal from scratch. Now would that not be the best thing happen--going recipeless.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started by clicking on the cooking school tab above and start cooking.

My Mom's Sicilian Recipes 

My mom was a big influence on my cooking. Not only her, but my grandmother and aunts all where terrific Sicilian cooks. Their style of cooking was simple, yet hearty and delicious. This section is a homage to my mom and to all Sicilian moms out there that cook the Sicilian contadina-style.

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My name is Dennis Liotta and I am an out and proud foodie! I represent a growing group of people that love food, all food and willing to try anything in the name of food. So, if you are like me, you will enjoy what I will be writing about on this blog. Go ahead and browse. You know you want to do just that and may be, just may you will jump out of that pantry and scream, I am an out and proud foodie! 



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