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I'M BACK! After a very long hiatus, I have returned to the WWW with a vengeance. It was just a matter of time before I would hunger for a world of everything related to food. I am now able to travel, read and will do just about anything to seek out the latest and greatest food, recipes, culinary points of views, cultural eats and cooking techniques, all types of eateries, kitchen power tools, gadget/gizmos, food news, healthful eats, and of course, recipes.
I invite you to come and take a ride with me and see what I have discovered and want to pass along to you.

I live in a stream of consciousness.

Just about every cooking blog is done up in fancy style. With all the bells and whistles they can conjure up. Well, that is not going to be this cooking blog. I am going to give full-front me. Just this stream of consciousness of what I find out there to share with you. Everything just mixed into each other. I am just letting you know so what you will be getting when you read my blog. 

Understanding the Basics

It is all about the food and not about the recipe. Having a library of recipes does not make you a cook. What it really says is that you can follow directions. You are much more than that type of person. You are creative. You want to be challenged. You want your family and friends to say, "you made this?!".


Can you imagine a time you can go recipeless?

Check out my cooking school posts to help you in your journey to where you can bare it all and finally go recipeless. It is a really good feeling.

My Sicilian Roots 

I am 100% Sicilian. So, my mom, grandmothers, and aunts were a big influence on my love of food and cooking. These women were all terrific cooks AND bakers. Their style of cooking was simple, yet hearty and delicious. This section is a homage to my mom and family that taught me to cook the Sicilian stile contain or country style.

Who am I?

Blog Posts

My name is Dennis Liotta and I am an out and proud foodie! I represent a growing group of people that love food, all food and willing to try anything in the name of food. So, if you are like me, you will enjoy what I will be writing about on this blog. Go ahead and browse. You know you want to Who knows, you may just jump out of your pantry one day and scream, I am an out and proud foodie! 

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