Keeping your parties simple

Are you planning a get together with friend or family for cocktails and conversation? Here are some tips on how to make it an event that people will enjoy and talk about:

  • Keep it simple. Don't go overboard. Simplicity is the key. Less is more.

  • Appetizers or tapas is really the way to go. Just make sure that you have enough to feed the masses. Five pieces total per person is the typical for the average person to consume. I found that it really depends on my invitees. Sometimes I go with the five pieces, but other times when I know that my crowd are eaters I go more than five pieces or I add sides like dips and veggie stixs.

  • Always put out briney foods like olives, pickles, cheeses and such. These items are crowd pleasers. Be aware that they will cause for more drinking so, please be careful about that, but they are always a crowd pleasers.

  • Cheese. Everyone loves cheese. Decide on whether you want to make the cheeses part of a sweet of savory appetizer or tapas compliment or just mix it all up. Cheese is definitely a must. Do not forget the crackers.

  • Cured meats are great. They do not go bad sitting out and people love them. Here is where you slice and put out the salami, proscuitto, soprasotta and pepperoni put them on a plate and put them in the fridge until the guests arrive.

  • I love smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers and lemon on a cracker. That plate is always clean.

  • Do not forget fruit. I love fresh seeless grapes and dried fruits like apricots and dates.

  • When it comes to drinks keep it to wine, vodka, gin and beer (for those with less discriminating palates.) Keep your mixers simple too. Just juices, tonic water and sodas.

  • Everything here is do before so that you can enjoy your party.

  • The clean up is pretty easy too. Just make sure you keep to small plates (ceramic or chinaware is best, but if you a paper and plastic person, there is no shame it using them.)

Have fun!

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