National Coffee Day

On Thursday, September 29th 100 million Americans will be raising their mugs to celebrate National Coffee Day – a $4 billion industry. I know I can’t start my days without my coffee. Who really can?

All coffee drinks are based on either coffee or espresso, in different strengths; some drinks have milk or cream added, some use steamed milk or foamed milk, some have flavourings or sweeteners, some have alcoholic liqueurs added, some are combinations of coffee with espresso or tea

There is a seemingly endless number of coffee types and drinks. There is light roast and dark roast, drip and filtered, French press, perked, cold brew, vacuum coffee, espresso, caffe Americano to Cubano to Zorro, cappuccino to latte to latte macchiato to Viennese melange. You have chai latte, to alcohol inclusive coffee drinks that include Irish, Carajiilo and Pharisaer. Then there is the ever popular frappe.

There are scores of instant coffees, canned and bottled coffees and coffee milk. And who could sleep without their decaf coffee. So, there is no doubt that Americans love their coffee.

In celebration of this commemorative day, many of the national coffee chains and even many of the local diners and fast food joints are giving away free coffee. Look out for those signs and cash in for your free cup of joe.