What happened to the Food Network?

What has happened to the food network? Where did it go?

The Food Network was an original. In the day it was a real tour-de-force, but now it is just a mere shell of original design. The word that comes to mind is "boring." The network programming is boring, if not lame. Even the old tried and true cheflebrities are gone.

The network cites that they are giving their audience what they want in the way of more shows with Bobby Flay and Giada and more of those competition shows like "Cutthroat Kitchen" and "Guy's Grocery Games." Is this type of reality television what America truly wants?

There is no explanation of why the "Pioneer Woman" is still on the air and Ina is off. The Pioneer Women is dry as the Oklahoma soil and very pedestrian in her presentation. Her recipes are so un-healthful and certainly nothing I would serve my grandkids. She propitiates America's addiction to salt, fat and sugar and everything you are not supposed to eat. Where is the nutritional value? Is her show supposed to just offer entertainment?

When you ripped Paula Deen from the network you quickly replaced her with a poor copy of the original with the star of "Farmhouse Rules." Putting Nancy Fuller in that position was not really strategic, it was really down right insulting to your audience. Well, at least most of the people that I have spoken to about it. I know that her show keeps returning, but I am not exactly sure why. Her recipes are also filled with sugar, salt and fat. Therefore, I gather that she is on the network to entertain us.

I like Valerie and Patricia like everyone else does as comedic actors. They are Americana television, but really, as cheflebrities? These are just home cooks likes us all, but I am gathering that their name recognition can pull in a fan-based audience. There is Trisha, Tiffany and Hilary and others that come on the air for what purpose--to wow us with their family recipes? That is what a blog helps us to do. I know that I am not interested in celebs entertaining me with their cooking. In the end, they are not any better than if Clara or Ray who live next door and who are fantastic home cooks would put on a show for the neighborhood. Actually, I would like that better because I personally know them. We all like them in the beginning, but get bored of these celeb cooks quickly. I know that both Valerie and Patricia's shows were renewed for another season, but I will not be tuning into watching either of those shows, as I know my other foodie friends are not going to do.

Let's talk about "The Kitchen." It is a second rate "Chew." There is no razzle dazzle to the show. It is noticeably staged and the mock audience sounds are annoying. This is an example of how the Food Network has tried to compete against the big guys and has done not even a half-assed job as the best to do it.

"Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" is one of the staples of the network. There has been copies of it tried by other networks, but the crass and over-the-top personality of the very full-of-himself Guy Fieri is still enjoyable to watch. I have even tried many of the places he has glorified. Some of them have been terrific and others have been flops. The food was nowhere as good as he said it was, which was disappointing, but I still like the show despite that little flaw of it not really being a true reality show.

Please, please, pretty please put Bobby Flay on hiatus. I know women find him attractive and even sexy, but he has become boring, predicable and a one trick pony when it comes to his food preparation. I just want to see other faces on the network. There has to be other people out there that fit the bill to have a show other than Bobby Flay.

Although, "The Next Food Network Star" (NFNS) has yet to give you a rock solid star in quite a number of years. NFNS is very similar to the attributes of "American Idol." There have been very few stars really born from the show. NFNS is just another competition show.

As for the rest of the food competition shows go, they are not about food nor cooking, they are about competition. So, maybe that is why they have not produced any star with staying power on the NFNS. The rest of the competition shows are fine as competition goes, but when you have seen one you have seen them all. The only real competition show that is truly about food and talent is Chopped. I will watch that show any day of the week.

Now let's talk about all the reruns the next work puts up. All of the cable channels do it. They run these show "marathons" that would be fine a couple to few times a year, but day after day and week after week we see the same programs rerun after rerun. I can understand that during the hiatus time, but not like you do it now. Food Network is no longer producing shows even for entertainment value.

The Food Network and Cooking Channel are no longer on my radar screen. I pass by it with the exception of watching Chopped. Chopped is true competition and true entertainment (except when Alex Guarnachelli is a judge). Otherwise, my once favorite channel is no longer in my top 5 line-up.

If any one from the Food Network can tell me what happened to the Food Network, please let me know.

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