Everything you need to know about preparing mushrooms


These delicious fungi are one of the best things you can add to your favorite dishes or eat them alone. You can eat them raw or lightly sauteed with butter or butter and olive oil.

You can throw in some Vidalia or another sweet onion, some garlic and a toss of fresh flat leaf Italian parsley. Add some white or red wine (depending on the dish you are making) for more depth of flavor. You can roast these wonderous fungi too. Don't forget to add salt and pepper.

The thing you do not want to do is NEVER WASH YOUR MUSHROOMS TO CLEAN THEM. Simply brush the dirt off them with a basting brush and that all you need to do. Washing or soaking them in water will only cause the mushroom to swell. That is because mushrooms are like sponges, they absorb all the moisture and quick.

There are so many varities to choose from. Make them all. They all have different flavors except you white button mushrooms, which absorb the flavors that surround them.

Mushrooms add no calories, but add to your meal. They compliment just about anything. So go ahead, get out there and buy some mushrooms.

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