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My favorite kitchen gadget


I have so many kitchen gadgets and appliances my kitchen and garage look like Williams-Sonoma. I love them all and cannot seem to part with anything. (I am definitely a kitchen horder.)

There are some things that I feel should be in everyone's kitchen, foodie, home cook, home chef, anyone that prepares food for fun, family and friends needs some helpful gadgets and small appliances to make cooking even more fun.

The best gift I ever recieved was my MAGIC BULLET. I recieved it as soon as it came out, which was years ago. I have never been without one. I have also given them out as gifts. I also have the big brother companion blender the NUTRIBULLET.

This is one of the best tools you can have in your kitchen. Now, there have been several immitators for this product and, I admit, I have tried them, but nothing out there does it better then the original MAGIC BULLET. This is not a paid commercial advertisement. This is a true and honest review of the appliance. I have put this product through its paces, let me tell you and it come through with flying colors.

So, what is the MAGIC BULLET? It is a mini-high-speed bleeder. It comes with several blades for blending, mixing and whipping. It even chops ice.

I have not bought salad dressing in years. I make it myself. It is so quick and easy and every so fresh. Also, there are not added ingredients I do not want like added, sugars, salt and fat. Once you get it you will find you will have endless uses for this little dynamo.

Check it out on You can find it everywhere these days including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, BJ's, Costco and so many other places. I find the best deal is at Bed, Bath and Beyond because you get to use your 20% coupon.

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