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Negative Foods

This is a series of topics and statements on NEGATIVE FOODS. Our eating habits are ruining our bodies. We need to change what and how we eat. This is something for you to ponder and consider doing for yourself.

Three Most Harmful Foods


  • 6 ounces of “enhanced” yogurt, which is all fruit flavored yogurts that are on the market, have more than 13 grams of sugar in them

  • 6 ounces of “enhanced” yogurt should have 13 grams or less of sugar

  • There are no true probiotic benefit to eating “enhanced” yogurts

  • A good number of them also contain high fructose corn syrup

  • Greek yogurt plain is the best yogurt to buy

  • Greek yogurt also has no real probiotic protection, but it devoid of all the “junk” put into the enhanced versions

All brown breads

  • Contain high fructose corn syrup

  • Effects grelin and leptin

  • Makes you eat more

  • Your brain does not recognize this chemical

  • Highly addictive

  • Do not allow all the grains and whole wheat advertised make you believe that this bread is “healthy”

  • Essentially this bread is not digestible

Cereal bars

  • Too much sugar and corn syrup

  • They are cereal pressed into a bar shape

  • Read the box; they do not offer all the health benefits you are told they have; these are marketing ploys to have you think you are eating less calories and sugar when you are not

  • These bars are not filling and keep you hungry in less than an hour after eating one

  • Eat a handful of nuts and couple of pieces of chocolate to kill those hunger pains; these are dense foods that really do not put on more weight; your body absorbs them better and utilizes all of the calories in these foods

LISTEN UP, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! One carb you should never ever eat: olestra; now renamed orlean marketed under the brand name of Alli . What this does to your body is far worse than the havoc of gluten. This is literally the worst thing that you could put in your body. It prohibits the absorption of essential vitamins. This carb is outlawed all over the world except right here in the USA.

There is more added sugar in foods today then in any other time. Manufacturers are adding more and more sugar into your processed food making to foster your addiction to sugar.

We live in an age of fake food and beverages.

Dieting is temporary.

Cleansing is the same thing as dieting, but worse as it purges your body of more essential vitamins and minerals.

Take a lifestyle approach. No drastic changes. Longer lasting changes.

Rid your addiction to sugar, salt and fat.

Start at the source for lasting weight loss.

Clean up your digestive system!

HERE’S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: Your body turns whatever it does not recognize into fat or pushes it out. Either way it is no good for your gut.

There are warning signs when the foods you eat do not agree with you:

  • Food sensitivity

  • Bowel problems

  • Libido changes

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Bladder infections

  • Fatigue

About 80% of Americans suffer from poor digestion. The need for digestive support is crucial better digestion and better health. Improve your digestion by eating better choices.

There are four Fatty Friend that DO NOT help you in your battle of the bulge:

  1. Food preservatives

  • Prevent your gut from metabolizing foods.

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Prevent nutrients from being absorbed

  • To combat preservatives take lipase, amylase and bromelien with every meal.

  1. Bad gut bacteria and yeast

  • Candida overgrowth

  • Feeds on sugar

  • Spreads throughout your body

  • Gas and bloating due to sugar overload

  • Force you to crave the foods they want

  1. Not enough probiotics are in your gut

  • These are good bacteria that aid in digestion

  • You kill these good bacteria when you do not give the food that they need to thrive

  • When the good bacteria die off they are replaced with bacterial and fungal invaders that paralyze your gut

  • Can take these good bacteria in replacement in capsules

  • There are 10 different unique strains and over 10 billion


  • Hurts your digestive system

  • Cannot process all the food and dumps more into fat than nutrition

There are two things out there right now that can help you in your battle of the bulge:

Caralluna fimbriata: Reduces appetite and waist measurement

Great for emotional eaters

Emotions directs us to eat

Hits the center in the brain to shut off hunger

No jitters

EGCG: Antioxidant

This is green tea extract in its purest form

Switches carbs to go into muscle cells

Prevents rebounding

Fires up your metabolism

Increases fat oxidation rate

Garcina cambogia works for younger people with higher metabolic rates. After the age of 50 there is a linear decrease in the amount of weight that can be lost with the use of this supplement.

Green tea is the most beneficial supplement that you can use at any age.

Essentially, optimal digestion and weight management is the key to good health.

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